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Copyright Application

Globally distinguished and popular is ours reputed IPR law firm of India for copyright applications worldwide, both at national and international levels. Not only copyright services, but all other categories of intellectual property are expertly served by ours well-experienced and innovative law firm located in Delhi. But, here, exclusive information is being presented about our superb and reasonably-charged services for copyright applications in India and abroad.

In any individual country, the copyright applications at domestic or national level, are made as per the concerned national copyright law, like the Indian Copyright Act of 1957. And for acquiring copyright protection at international level, recommended are copyright registrations under the international treaties and conventions of the TRIPS Agreement, Rome Convention, Berne Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, and the Internet Copyright Treaties of the WIPO. The copyright application search under any one or more of these international copyright conventions depends upon the business plans and priorities in certain specific countries. The copyright application fees vary according to the targeted copyright office at national or international level, and also as per the specific categories of the created works.

Online Copyright Application Search Fees

Our abundantly experienced and proficient copyright attorneys are well-versed in making copyright application online, under any desired national or international copyright office, for any specific category of creation or work. Ours copyright services are promptly available for all major categories of creations, essentially including the categories of literary, dramatic, artistic, audio and visual sound recordings, musical recordings, choreographic collections, cinematographic creations, sculptural works, photographic collections, computer software, multimedia and internet-related works, and so on. If a creation comprises of more than one category of works, then a separate application is made for each category, for copyright registration, along with the prescribed fee for each category.

In India, we have been performing online copyright applications with the website www.copyright.gov.in/, to serve companies and firms located in every part of India. These copyright registrations are performed strictly as per the rules, provisions, and regulations provided in the Copyright Act of 1957 and the Copyright Rules of 1958, which have been amended regularly from time to time. Any interested company or firm located in India or countries worldwide can readily contact us for copyright application with Indian or international copyright office, giving detailed information about the company, its unique creation, targeted national or international copyright registration, and all necessary information regarding all prior copyright applications for the current work.