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Copyright Infringement

Willful encroachment upon the legitimate and exclusive rights of the creator or copyright holder is generically known as copyright infringement. The exclusive rights granted to the creator or the copyright holder after proper registration of his/her/its creation with the concerned national or international copyright office, include the following main rights:
  • The right of privileged and exclusive Ownership over the matter copyrighted
  • Right to use the copyright materials for all sorts of personal and commercial purposes
  • Right to reproduce the copyrighted matter
  • Right to hire or trade the copyrighted matter or work
  • Right to distribute and sell the copyrighted product or creation, or to make public display or performance of the copyrighted work
  • Right to make derivative works in future based on the copyrighted work
  • And, right to take proper stern measures for protection of the copyrighted matters, and sue against the copyright infringers.

Copyright Infringement Services in India

Any person, company, or firm which ever knowingly commits infringement upon these exclusive rights of the creator or any persons or entities authorized by him, is commonly referred to as and infringer. The copyright protection law dictates provisions and measures for punishing such infringers, in order to secure the rights and privileges of the registered creators or copyright holders. Ours internationally reputed and very popular IPR law firm of India has been extending prompt, expert, and equitable copyright infringement services to individuals, companies, and firms established in various economic sectors in all across India and countries worldwide.

For tackling copyright infringement in india, ours prestigious and thriving law firm is now amply famous and reliable, by people and entities engaged in various economic fields. In this the copyright infringement cases are resolved as per the rules and regulations given in the Section 63 of the Indian Copyright Act of 1957. The copyright infringement is considered a readily objectionable and sternly punishable offence in India (as is in all other countries of the world). In general, the copyright infringement cases in India are punishable with imprisonment from six months to three years, and rigorous fine ranging from fifty thousands to two lakhs, depending on the severity of the offence. All diverse categories of works and creations are expertly and responsibly served by our copyright infringement services in India and abroad.