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Copyright Protection

Here, it may again be emphasized that proper and rigorous copyright protection is absolutely essential for securing all sorts of creative and unique creations and works belonging to diverse sectors, within the specified country, and also for rewarding the creators duly. Hence, the copyright protection law is an extremely significant part of the any national or international Copyright Act or Law. Our one of the hugely popular and quite reputed IPR law firms located in Delhi (India) has been spreading highly beneficial and securing information about this copyright protection in India and abroad, along with ours impeccable and swift legal services for well-rounded copyright protection. The benefits of copyright protection are especially described in the lower section. The copyright protection is provided by the concerned national or international copyright office through recognizing the registered creation, and granting some exclusive legal rights to the creator or copyright holder.

Benefits of Copyright Protection Law

For copyright protection within a certain country, provisions given in the national copyright law are applicable; on the other hand, for obtaining copyright protection in any desired international jurisdictions, the immediately concerned international copyright treaty is relevant. In India, for example, the copyright infringement is sternly punishable under the Section 63 of the Indian Copyright Act of 1957. At international level, the main treaties and conventions for copyright protection to creations in any field are - the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Rome Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, and WIPO Treaties.

The following are the main benefits obtainable from the copyright protection, under the concerned national or international copyright protection law:
  • Any copyrighted creation or work is uniquely recognized and protected by the office, for a very long period of time, more than the life of the creator.
  • No unauthorized person or company can ever utilize the copyrighted work in commercial or trading activities, for personal profits. Public display or performance of the copyright creation is also prohibited.
  • The registered creator or copyright holder is fully authorized by the law to use his/her/its copyrighted creation or work for all types of personal and commercial purposes within the jurisdiction of the office. Hiring or trading of the copyrighted matter is also well-facilitated with national and international people or companies. The creator is also fully entitled to make derivative works based on the copyrighted materials.
  • Lastly, the creator or copyright holder is given the whole gamut of legal rights against all sorts of misuses of and infringements upon the copyrighted matters, within the jurisdictions of the copyright office.