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Copyright Registration

Perfect, swift, and economical copyright registrations are part and parcel of ours whole gamut of IPR services in all across India and countries situated worldwide. At present, our one of the most reputed and leading IPR law firms of India (located in Delhi) is globally commended for superb and expeditious services for copyright registrations and all other categories of intellectual property. In addition to the national level copyright registration in individual countries worldwide, ours internationally renowned copyright lawyers also support entities in all concerned economic sectors, regarding their copyright registrations under the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Rome Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, and WIPO Internet Treaties. Here, in this webpage provided comprehensively all necessary information about copyright registration in India, how to copyright a creation, and copyright registration online.

The copyright registration is essential for securing a creation or work with governmental authorities, and acquiring the full gamut of legitimate rights regarding the various commercial uses, reproduction, full protection, and taking rigorous legal actions against the cases of copyright infringement. More information regarding how to copyright a matter that belongs to any of the below-mentioned categories, is given in the lower section separately.

How to Copyright a Name and Logo Online

In entire India, copyright registrations are made as per the rules and regulations given in the Indian Copyright Act of 1957 and the Copyright Rules of 1958, with all amendments made thereto so far incorporated. Since September 2009, online copyright filing facilities have also provided by the government of India through its portal www.copyright.gov.in/-. The categories of creations and works which require copyright registration for all above-mentioned purposes are - all literary works and creations, all dramatic works, all audio and visual creations and recordings, cinematographic products and films, artistic works, sculptural works, computer software and programmes, websites and multimedia creations, photographic works and collections, and so on.

To copyright a work, the forms and documents to be submitted are - copyright registration Form-4; completed Statement of Particulars (SoP) and Statement of Further Particulars (SoFP); Power of Attorney (POA) in favor of the Advocate; copies or recording of the creation; prescribed fee as given in the Second Schedule of the Copyright Rules of 1958; and other documents and information. Here, it is noteworthy that each creation requires a separate application form for copyright registration.