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Copyright Search

For speedy, superb, and responsible copyright search in india, we are famous worldwide. Ours expert copyright search services are economically and promptly available for online searching of the originality and uniqueness of the created matter, and online registration of all sorts of creations and works which could belong to any category that requires copyright registration and protection. Our law firm is a fast galloping IPR law firm of India with global service coverage and immense reputation. In ours this highly enlightening and profitable web article, we are delivering superb and very productive information about copyright search in india, essentially including the online copyright searches.

At international level, ours copyright search services are concerned with the TRIPS Agreement, WIPO Copyright Treaties, Berne Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, and Rome Convention. All various categories of creations, matters, and works are sweepingly undertaken by ours copyright registration services, inevitably covering the categories of all literary works, dramatic works, sound recordings, computer programming and software, musical creations and collections, artistic works, photographic works, painting and drawing works, sculptural creations, audio and video creations, cinematographic creations, and so on.

Online Copyright Search Services in India

In India, copyright registrations are performed strictly as per the rules, provisions, and regulations provided in the Copyright Act of 1957 and the Copyright Rules of 1958, which have been being amended regularly from time to time for betterment and contemporary relevance. Thorough and scrupulous task of copyright search is a significant ancillary task during the whole copyright registration process. The main objective behind conducting copyright search is to verify that the newly created creation or work is truly unique and totally different from all other creations and works falling under the same category, which are owned by other people or entities located within the jurisdictions of the concerned copyright office.

Professionals, businesspersons, companies, firms, and organizations, which belonged to different parts of all across India, have been availing ours copyright registration services for over a decade. International copyright registrations of these people and entities are also additionally supported by ours well-informed and adept copyright lawyers, as per their specific business plans and priorities. The tasks covered in the process of copyright registration in India and abroad, are unique creation of the matter or work, copyright search in india and/or abroad, preparing documents for filing application for copyright registration, and presenting prosecution for copyright registration.