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Copyright Symbols

To signify that a certain creation or work is properly registered with any national or international copyright office, a copyright symbol is commonly depicted on the copyrighted product. Therefore, copyright symbols are indicative of exclusive ownership over the copyrighted creation or work, and are meant to avert the cases of copyright infringement by other people or business or professional entities. More information about the copyright symbols meaning and the copyright symbols uses, is given in the last section of this article. Our fast prospering and internationally admired law firm of India has been offering highly informative and enlightening information about various categories of intellectual property, to serve people and entities which could be located in all across India and the whole world. The full scale of expert and responsible IPR services have been specialties of ours worldwide prominent and innovative IPR law firm of India. In ours this generous and very beneficial web article, we are extending detailed information regarding copyright symbols, and the meaning and uses of these.

Type of Copyright Symbol

There are two main globally famous types of copyright symbols, commonly used on all categories of copyrighted creations, matters, and works. For all creations and works, barring the sound recordings, the copyright symbol popularly used is an encircled capital C as ©. For all sorts of sound recordings, the exclusive copyright symbol generically used is an encircled capital letter P. For portraying the pertinent copyright symbol, generally the following common pattern is used worldwide:

Copyright © Year [Name or Any well-known Indication about the Copyright Owner]. All Rights Reserved.

Meaning and Uses

Use of the relevant copyright symbol is recommended by the copyright office in consideration of safety of the creations against copyright infringements. When printed on the copyrighted creation, the copyright symbol notifies that the concerned work in under stern copyright protection, and therefore, cannot be reproduced, distributed or sold, publicly displayed or performed, or hired or traded by any other person or entity, except the copyright owner. Violation of the rights granted to the creator or the copyright owner, shall invite rigorous legal actions against the infringers. Again, use of the copyright symbol on creations, also additionally implies or fortifies the authenticity, high-quality, and trustworthiness of the concerned works to customers.