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Design Registration

Industrial designs are absolutely essential and vital for doing lucrative business in most of the economic fields. These industrial designs are therefore, considered as highly significant and precious intellectual property of companies and firms. Excellent and brisk legal services for all categories of intellectual property have been ours essential and highly important legal services, provided to companies and firms located in countries all around the globe. For a long successful period, ours globally renowned law firm located in India, has been delivering decent and fully responsible legal services in all disciplines and streams of the law, at levels national and international. In this hugely informative and profitable article, we are presenting immensely beneficial information regarding design registrations in India and other countries situated worldwide. Ours superb, world-class, and economical design registration services, which are described in the lower section, are greatly appreciated by companies engaged in almost all economic fields where designs are essential, and located in nations worldwide. The design registration applications fall under two main categories - national design registrations, and international design registrations; both of these categories are tackled expertly by ours well-experienced and mellow lawyers.

Online Design Registration Services

All sorts of designs newly created by companies, firms, and industries active in various economic fields are made fully secured and properly recognized and protected by ours design registration services. These categories of designs also include the two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs, in addition to the one-dimensional designs and patterns. At national-level worldwide, our prompt and perfect design registration services are extended in strict accordance with specific design law in individual countries, such as the Designs Act, 2000 of India. On the other hand, the international design registration applications are filed by us under The Hague Agreement, TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, and the European Community Designs. Owing to these expertise and capabilities, ours law prestigious firm is highly famous and popular regarding efficient and trustworthy design registration searches by entities located in India and countries abroad. The whole design registration procedure encompasses a variety of tasks to be performed carefully and ingeniously by an expert design lawyer. These tasks are well-informed and innovative support for design conceptualization, elegant guidance for design creation, searches for ensuring indisputable originality and uniqueness of the newly created design, drafting and designing the design, filing design registration application in India or abroad, and the, offering brilliant prosecution for the best possible and brisk design registration.