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Patent Act

The well-devised and significant law solely responsible and effective for proper registration of inventions in all related economic fields, and well-rounded protection of these, within the concerned jurisdiction, is distinctly known as the Patent Act or the Patent Law. Thus, this patent act is one of the essential and vital laws related with businesses and professions in various sectors of economy in any developing and progressing country. Businesses can broadly be classified into two main and major categories as national-level businesses and international or worldwide level businesses. Consequently, there are specific patent acts at national and international levels in jurisdictions worldwide. Inventions of a company or firm for doing zonal and national level business are registered and regulated by the federal patent act of the concerned country, such as the patent act 1970 of India, or patent act 1990 of Australia. On the other hand, for acquiring recognition and protection of inventions in foreign countries, for the purpose of doing reputed and profitable business in those countries, there are some international patent acts nurtured by globally recognized conventions and treaties like the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) of the WIPO, Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention (EPC). Our full-fledged and well-experienced law firm of global appreciation and repute, has been extending exquisite and impeccable legal services for patent registration and protection at national and international levels in countries situated worldwide, along with expert legal services in other areas of the law.

Patent Act in India

For all above-noted purposes, the patent act in india is the Patents Act of 1970, together with the Patents Rules of 1972. The patent act regulations not only give registration and recognition to the registered inventions, but also all-round protection of these and the legitimate rights of patent owners, within the specified jurisdiction. All sorts of creations and inventions created by entities doing business in various economic fields are made registered and fully secured by this federal patent act of India, through the help of zonal patent offices located in every part of the country in the cities of Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai.

At present, the patent act of India is highly refined and bears close harmony with most of the national and international patents acts of the world over. Moreover, the Indian patent act has detailed and elegant rules and provisions for registering all types of product and process patents invented by companies, industries, and firms active in various occupational fields. To be in close and strict conformity with global standards, this patent act of India has been amended regularly in the years 1999, 2002, and 2005. As per the recommendations of the TRIPS Agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the term of validation of a registered invention in India has been set to twenty years from the date of the registration since 2005, which could be renewed later on regularly for perpetuity. Located in India our law firm is today immensely popular and reputed nationwide for its superb legal services to patents, other objects of IP, and all other areas of the law.