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Patent Analysis

Close, comprehensive, and intelligent patent analysis is one of the essential tasks involved in the process of registering a patent with any desired national or international patent office. This patent analysis is performed for analyzing originality and uniqueness of any new invention, and objectionable similarities with the registered and filed patents of other entities located within the specified jurisdiction. Thus, this is thorough and discerning patent analysis that ensures the overall patentability of any newly created patent in any economic sector, with the concerned patent office.

We have been providing superb and world-class legal services in all small and big areas of the law, essentially including the intellectual property laws and hence, patents. These expert and expeditious legal services are offered adroitly to people, companies, and firms established in countries worldwide, and doing businesses in various economic fields at national and international levels. For patents, ours well-learned and extensively experienced patent attorneys offer the full coverage of legal services at national and international levels worldwide, inherently including flawless and reliable patent analysis services, which are being described apart in the lower section.

Patent Analysis Search Services

For making a patent analysis, a comprehensive and discerning patent search within the concerned jurisdiction is essential. We have been performing such patent analysis searches through various patent offices which work under the rules and regulations of all international patent conventions, namely, TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention. In any patent analysis search, searched through are two main categories of patent databases. There are, the databases that keep a record of all registered patents within the jurisdiction of the relevant patent office so far; and the databases that contain records of all filed patent applications for proper registration with the concerned office. Here, it is important to mention that, any application for patent registration is most probable to be rejected readily and bluntly by the relevant patent office; while a defective patent analysis could create cases of patent opposition or patent infringement accusation. Therefore, for performing a perfect and safest patent analysis, there is inevitably required discerning and innovative support of a well-experienced and dedicated patent attorney. Our patent attorneys have attained international commendations and repute for flawless and expeditious patent analysis for patents in all economic sectors, and at levels national and international worldwide.