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Patent Application

Expert, expeditious, and world-class patent registration services are immensely significant and and vital legal services of ours prestigious and globally popular law firm. Located in India, ours fast progressive law firm has been delivering elegant, flawless, and swift legal services in all highly important streams and disciplines of the law, for lavish benefits to individuals, companies, and firms established in nations worldwide, inevitably including the intellectual property laws. In ours this opulent and highly fertile article, we are concerned exclusively with offering detailed information about our legal services for patent applications, delivered in countries located all around the world, and at levels national and international. Our ingenious and expert services for patent application filing can be readily acquired by companies and firms doing business in the broad economic sectors of business and commerce, professions, industries, and services. Inventions or patents coming under the both categories of product patents and process patents and belonging to entities active in these all economic fields at any domestic or worldwide levels. Moreover, our well-experienced and internationally renowned patent attorneys charge just the reasonable patent application filing fees from our Indian and global clients.

Patent Application Filing Services

For perfect and prompt national level patent applications in individual countries of the world, ours discerning and adept patent attorneys act in accordance with the specific patent law in each country, for example, the Patents Act of 1970 in India. And, for acquiring recognition and protection to inventions in foreign countries worldwide, proper and perfect registrations of these are recommended to be made under the TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention. Selection of any of these globally famous international patent treaties is made as per the business plans and priorities of the applicant companies. Here, it may also be added that, each of these international patent treaties has a large number of member countries as parties to the specified treaty. Our mature and mellow patent attorneys are well-versed in promoting perfect and swift registrations under these all international treaties for patents belonging to various economic fields related. Moreover, all tasks involved in the entire patent registration procedure are performed excellently and timely by them, including the tasks of consultation for patent invention, giving final touches to the newly invented patent, ensuring indisputable originality and uniqueness of the patent, making impeccable patent specification, filing patent application with the desired national or international patent office, and delivering brilliant patent prosecution for the best registration.