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Patent Filing

Today, we are distinctly well-known worldwide for superb and swift patent filing services at national and international levels. Well-established and extensively experienced is ours law firm, whose head office is located in India. We have been providing the complete coverage of various legal services connected with all streams and disciplines of the law to individuals and companies located in countries all across the whole world, for over a decade. Ours rich, decent, and innovative legal services for patent filing are most significant among our impeccable services for intellectual property. The lower section of this highly profitable article, gives highly creative and comprehensive information about our patent filing services in India and other countries of the world, separately. Patents are undoubtedly the most precious and vital intellectual property of most of the commercial, industrial, and professional entities. Therefore, legal services for patents ought to be perfect, ingenious, reliable, and impeccable. Moreover, comprehensive and refined support of well-learned, extensively experienced, and discerning lawyers is highly desirable for handling all patent related tasks and services at any national or international level. Our patent attorneys are well-versed in handling patents related with almost all economic fields for flawless and expert registration and protection of those at national and international levels worldwide.

Patent Filing Services

Our expeditious and expert patent filing services are available at any desired national level in countries worldwide, or under any concerned international trademark treaties. In India, for example, our patent filing services at national level are related with the Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972. Similarly, in individual countries located worldwide, our services for patent filing are performed under their respective patent law prevailing in the whole country. And, our legal services for registration and protection of patents pertaining to various economic fields in international jurisdictions worldwide are connected with globally reputed treaties like the TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention. Besides our rich expertise and punctilious legal services, ours quite reasonable patent filing fees, make us rather popular worldwide. The patent filing procedure differs more or less, depending upon the national or international jurisdiction, and the international treaty concerned. In India, every region of the country is well-served by our patent related services with regulatory support of all zonal patent offices located in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai. And, the international-level patent registrations of Indian entities are made under the above-mentioned international patent treaties, as per their individual business requirements. All tasks involved in the process of national or international patent registration, are handled proficiently and punctiliously by ours internationally renowned patent lawyers.