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Patent Office

One of the essential and highly significant offices in any country, is the patent office, exclusively responsible for registration and protection of all types of patents created by all companies and firms located in all across this country. This patent office works strictly and properly as per national patent law of the country. However, there could be many regional patent offices working under the same federal patent law, to serve companies and firms located in their respective region, as is in India. Again, there could also be a separate patent office in each State or province of a given country, working in accordance with their specific patent laws, which are in harmony with the federal patent law of the whole country. Whatever may be the case, the main and ultimate objectives of a patent office are to register all proposed patents, maintain the validity of all registered patents, and regulate the patent rights of all entities established under its jurisdiction. Again, a patent office could be a national one or an international one, depending upon its jurisdictional area and authorities. A national patent office is limited only to provide registration and protection to the proposed patents within any country; while, an international patent office offers registration and protection to patents in a large number of countries parties to it. Thus international patent offices provide great and vital support for conducting international and worldwide businesses.

International Patent Office Search Fees

In addition to patent offices in every country, there are some international patent offices established for supporting and promoting international and worldwide businesses of companies and firms located in countries worldwide. In India, there are as mach as four well-equipped patent offices in every part of India that work under the Indian Patents Act of 1970. The international patent offices are established to work under some international patent treaty to which there are numerous party countries. Based on the location of a patent office, and the level of the patent office, the patent office fees vary. Today, the most famous, popular, and reputed international patent treaties are the TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention. For making international patent registration under any of these patent conventions, the patent office search depends on the business plans and priorities of conducting businesses in certain targeted countries. All categories of product and process patents belonging to various economic fields are properly registered by these globally reputed international conventions. Our erudite, adequately experienced, and innovative patent lawyers have been supporting patent registrations under these all international patent treaties on behalf of companies and firms doing business in various economic fields, and located in countries worldwide.