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Patent Opposition

Brilliant and rigorous patent oppositions are inseparable and highly important part of ours whole coverage of legal services for patents in all fields. These services for patent oppositions are rendered at national and international levels on behalf of companies and firms well-established in countries worldwide, and doing their respective businesses regionally or globally. Here, it may also be informed that ours full-fledged and well-connected law firm well-based in India has been extending superb and brisk legal services in all areas of the law for great and lavish benefits to people and entities engaged in various economic fields in countries situated in all across the world. Our specific and highly productive article is going to provide detailed information about ours services for patent oppositions in India, equally applicable to countries abroad. Now, in this section, let me answer the question, what is patent opposition. The patent opposition is the task or process of opposing the registration of any objectionable patent with the concerned national or international patent office. The most common reasons for making such objection are doubtful originality of the newly created patent, borrowing of partial or an objectionable amount of contents from any previously registered patent with the concerned office, lack of indisputable uniqueness in the proposed patent, striking similarity in the constituents or processes utilized by a registered patent, concealment of genuine biological sources, etc.

Patent Opposition Procedure India

For expert and incisive patent opposition in india or abroad, covered are both the categories of patent oppositions, the pre-grant patent opposition and the post-grant patent opposition. The journals published periodically by the national and international patent offices, offer comprehensive information regarding the acceptable periods within which each of these types of patent oppositions must be raised, in order to make the patent oppositions valid. These journals also provided information about the patent opposition procedure to be followed with the specified patent office. The international patent offices work under the regulation and instructions of the TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention. Ours brilliant and mellow patent attorneys have been raising patent oppositions on behalf of companies and firms seeking registration of their respective patents with any of these all international patent conventions. In India, all four zonal patent offices of the country situated in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai, have been witnessing ours cases of patent oppositions raised for service to entities located in the jurisdiction of these offices, made strictly as per the section 25 of the Indian Patents Act of 1970. All tasks and processes for patent oppositions are guided and regulated by the Controller of Patents in the concerned zonal patent office of India, and the Opposition Board constituted by him.