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Patent Renewal

Punctual and reliable patent renewal services are highly impressive ancillary services of ours world-famous law firm well-established in India. Ours adequately experienced and well-connected law firm has been providing legal services in all areas of the law which are essentially and closely connected with people and companies involved in various economic sectors, and in countries located all around the whole world. Trustworthy services for patent renewals at national and international levels are a part of ours complete coverage of legal services for patents in all economic fields. Offered in this article is comprehensive and highly enlightening information about our services for patent renewals in India and abroad. Our superb and punctual service and reasonable patent renewal fees have now made us quite distinguished for patent renewals worldwide.

Patent Renewal is the essential and recommended task which is accomplished for maintaining recognition and validation of any registered patent within the related jurisdiction, and keeping up the full effectiveness of all patent rights granted to the inventor or patent holder by the concerned national or international patent office.

Patent Renewal Process & Services

Patent Renewal is due well before the expiration of the validation period of any registered patent, or before the expiration of the time-period gained through previous patent renewal. Today, in most countries of the world, the validation period of any registered patent is twenty years from the date of registration or the date of filing the patent application. Again, most of the international patent treaties such as TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention, register a patent for twenty years. After this period, renewal of the registered patent is essential for keeping up recognition and effectiveness of the patent, within respective jurisdictions of each of these. Our services for patent renewal online, are provided in connection with all these international treaties, in addition to the national-level patent renewals worldwide. The patent renewal process involves filing of the patent renewal form and submitting it to the concerned national or international patent office, together with the prescribed patent renewal fees. Again, remittance of patent renewal fees can be made in two ways --- on yearly basis, and through one-time payment. Our services for patent renewals not only perform the remittance of patent renewal fees, but also include providing early reminders regarding the upcoming patent renewal dates of our India and global clients.