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Patent Search

Patent Search is a vital ancillary service for the purpose of registration of any newly invented patent with the desired national or international patent office. However, this patent search may also be conducted for obtaining information about any registered patent, for a variety of other purposes, such as the patent infringement analysis. The main and ultimate objective of a patent search is to ensure clear originality and indisputable uniqueness of any newly created invention in any interested economic field, for the motive of registering it with the targeted national or international patent office. Any patent applied for registration without conducting the patent search within the concerned jurisdiction, is liable to be rejected from making registered.

Therefore, proficient and fully trustworthy patent search services, essentially including the online patent search, are inevitable services of ours globally reputed and popular law firm based in India. We have been offering decent and economical legal services in all areas of the law concerned with conducting most secured and lucrative businesses at national and international levels worldwide. Product and process patents in all economic fields are expertly served by ours ingenious and world-class services for patent laws and other streams of the law. Moreover, for those clients belonging to India or any other countries of the world, who have been our regular clients for a long time, we also offer the generous service of patent search free.

Online Patent Search Services

Big and small companies and firms founded in countries across the whole world, can easily avail ours brisk and secured services for patent search at national and international levels. For national level patent search in any specified country, we minutely flick through all patent related databases treasured by all regional patent offices in the whole country. These patent databases are broadly classified into two main categories, as the databases that contain the list of all registered patents within the whole country in past years; and the databases that keep a record of all filed patent applications for registration with all patent offices of the country. For example, for patent search in India, ours patent attorney go through these both categories of patent databases kept secured by all zonal patent offices of India located in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai. And for international patent search worldwide, ours proficient patent attorneys check through these both categories of patent databases kept by all international patent office's that work under the TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention. Though we are quite famous for conducting patent searches related with these all international conventions, our services for pct patent search is most popular.