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Patent Filing

Masterly and proficient services for pct patent filing are among ours most important and vital legal services for precious patent registrations at international level worldwide. Today, one of the hugely prominent and significant international patent treaties is the patent cooperation treaty (PCT), which is organized and operated by the globally famous and reputed World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Other glorious and worldwide reputed international conventions related with patents and other intellectual properties are TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention. Ours fast progressive and globally popular law firm with its head office in India, has been providing superb and expeditious legal services for patent registrations and protection under these all globally recognized international conventions, for a long impressive period. Our well-equipped and well-connected law firm offer first-class and swift legal services in all areas of the law, for the maximal possible profits and benefits to individuals and entities located in countries worldwide, in their respective economic sectors. In this particular and highly significant article, we are providing detailed and precious information about this pct filing, including the pct filing procedure, pct filing timeline, and various pct filing requirements.

Patent Filing Procedure India

Cozily well-based in India, we are extensively famous for patent registrations at national and worldwide levels on behalf of companies and firms located in all across the entire country. Ours other legal services are also very popular and greatly appreciated by entities of India and abroad. The pct filing is a unified procedure for obtaining patent recognition and protection in any one or all of the countries which are parties to this magnificent patent treaty of the world. There are two main phases of patent registration under this pct, as the international patent filing at the receiving office of pct, and the national level filing in the desired foreign country member to this pct. One single patent application is sufficient for these both phases of pct filing. In the international phase, the pct patent filing timeline is about 30 months from the date of filing the perfectly completed patent application at the receiving office. And, the time taken by the national phase depends on the targeted foreign country, its rules and regulations, and efficiency. The pct filing requirements include a well-prepared patent specification and patent application strictly as per the rules and regulations of the pct, prescribed pct filing fees, and all information about the applicant company, an authorizing letter in support of its legal representative during pct filing, and other necessary documents and fees. Under ours services for pct filing, ours adequately experienced and renowned patent attorneys offer all essential and ancillary services during the entire registration process at national and international levels.